My Favorite Holliday.

Halloween happened. I wish I could say I’d done something spookier, but it was a decent quiet night all the same. I decided to go as Myself From The Future this year. I sprayed my hair grey and donned a lingering bitterness about the divorce. Apart from that, I was about the same as ever.

In other news, there is a hair on the back of my right hand that is way longer than the others, like thrice the length of the others and it sticks way up. What is that about? Judging by my costume I will apparently have this hair in the future as well, so there is no point in cutting it.

In still other news, I am going to try to participate in the National Novel Writing Month, which of course is right now. I have not bothered registering (when I tried that in the past, I did not write a novel) but I have a secret strategy this time: I am not going to care if the novel is good or not. I am just going to get myself to write one. I guess that is the point of the event to begin with, but last time I wanted something good. Screw that. This time, I am just going to make that amount of words happen. I was already working on an actual novel, but I only rarely get around to bothering with it. I assume that training myself to write more often with a novel I don’t care about will improve the frequency I write the one I care about. Another plus in not registering with them is that when I fail to finish the novel in time I won’t bring down their statistics.

And finally, a general note for those keeping track of my life. We are currently in the middle of the latest seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Venture Brothers. These are the shows that I find most amusing these days. If anyone out there is looking for something to watch: look for them.

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