Every Part Of The Buffalo.

If, someday, I become a serial killer I hope I am cognizant of my actions enough that I also become a cannibal. Sure it would bring more risk upon myself to keep and eat the bodies than it would to hide them away somewhere, but it they’re hidden they just go to waste and that is pretty thoughtless, I think. If I eat them, it’s less wasteful and thus better for all involved.


Syllables are here!
Five! Seven! We have it all!
Except, of course, nine.

I don’t know how to tell if it is true or not, but I believe there is a horse on the moon.

If I am ever serial killed, I guess I’d want to be eaten rather than hidden away to rot. Even better would be if the killer left me in a hospital so all my organs and parts could be donated to other people, but what kind of serial killer would do that? Not too likely, so I guess I’ll stick with being eaten.

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