To quote the scriptures “No man should carve a hole in his own home, for this is a sinful act punishable by fire and total immasculation. Furthermore, if you have to carve a hole in your own home, do it at Seven O’Clock so God will be busy watching primetime television and won’t notice.”

That’s real scripture. Look it up.

Beyond that, nothing to say. So go away.

  1. Blasphemy, you small footed hairless user of girly nailclippers!! Thou hast quoteth thine scripture incorrectethly. This art the real scripture that telleth the divine truth of Moses, who desired only macaroni pictures. Truly, it doth read thusly, “Thou shalt not putteth thine pubic hair in thy mother’s toothbrush. No… wait… doeth that, for it would cause much laughter and joy in heaven where we really don’t have much that is funny except for random acts of emasculation. If thou doeth this not, thine manhood shall off in the bathtub. That would sucketh most wretchedly.”

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