Problem Solved.

Today we went and saw Hot Fuzz. You should too.

More significantly we came up with a surefire solution to the problems in Iraq. And everywhere else for that matter. We create a new military force called the Freak Corps. We forcibly recruit the world’s tallest man, any and all cyborgs, a stage magician, a boxing kangaroo, a sumo wrestler, a faith healer, that guy who doesn’t need to sleep, some of that family with the hairy faces, the world’s strongest man, a polar bear, some contortionists, psychic investigators, that guy who tattooed himself to look like a tiger man and anyone else who has cool or freakish powers. And they all wear capes.

This military strategy would solve any and all of the world’s problems.

  1. You’re right. But since none of the world’s militarys seem to have begun, you mentioned it in time.

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