I Talks Damn Funny.

On the cab ride home last night, the driver asked me about my accent. He said I sound “almost Southern”, which I assume means Southern American. Now, combine this with the times I mentioned a few days ago and I have to assume one of three things:

  1. I talks damn funny and everyone hears it and thinks I’m some foreign freak.
  2. I, as an independant nation, am developing an accent all my own.
  3. This cab driver religiously reads this website, saw my previous post and wanted to mess with me.

Of those, #2 is my favorite option. Heck, even #3 would be cool because it implies that someone actually reads this website. But most likely #1 is at fauly. I curse the Aztec god of vocalization for this. I think his name was Talkzectotl.

In other news, there was an article about police using tasers against people and a couple people have died or whatever. The most important part came when a professor from the University of Miami was asked her opinion. She said “The issue of police brutality is simply wrong. That’s not to say it can’t occur, but when police are confronted by someone exhibiting superhuman strength like a Hulk Hogan… what can they do?”

It pleases me greatly to see that scholars recognize Hulk Hogan’s superhuman strength. And they say there’s no good news.

My next post will be another offering from the defunct Ape Slave Training Manual. A prose piece starring a character who would have turned up in prose pieces every few issues, if the thing had not been cancelled before half of it was completed.

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