Haiku With The Word Bitch.

With my posting habits, this one may be my last of this year. I’ll hope not, but I have to admit, it’s totally likely. In that case:


BAM! You got punched, bitch!
I hope you totally cry!
That’s what you get! BITCH!

I’m going to have three days off this week. In a freakin’ row. Awesome. Perhaps this is sad compared to some people’s Christmas holidays (especially all those unholy undeserving uncool little “children” people.), but hey, I’m pleased with having three days off. In a row.

And I don’t want to say much about the new year just yet, but this is one thing I must add:

Ape Slave Training Manual.

In other news, I’m up well past my bed time, and I’m likely to regret it. That’s not as cool.

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