Rock On Rocksteady!

Just for the record, I’ve got a Rocksteady figure now. Take that, poor African children who suffer a complete lack of Rocksteady!

But even though I do like Rocksteady, I still don’t fathom how anyone can like him better than Bebop. It just makes no sense to me at all…

Anyway, starting with tonight, I’ll only be working night shifts now. No more of this switching around twice a week that I’ve had since last year. I’m hoping this will improve my ability to do stuff.

  1. You do know there are children in North America who don’t have a Rocksteady figure? There is some in Russia and Sweden too. Why single out the African children?

  2. I singled out Africa because I assume they’re the ones who most want Rocksteady action figures. It just seems logical.

    And I’ll second the “WOOOOoooo.”

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