I noticed last night that I have made it this far this year without getting a single Christmas Card. That works out much better than previous years when I’d be up to like three by now. Much better. That said, I have not been to my Grandmother’s yet. I’ll probably not end up with a card-free year, but at least it’s closer.

And since I decided that the theme for this post was “Cards” I now have to come up with something else on that topic. Years back, a friend named Adam invented a card game called Pivonka which had the most complex system of rules I ever did see. Unfortunately those rules are now lost. Someday I might have to go under hypnosis or something to make them come back.

I remember it was Adam and I who first sat down to play the game which he offered to teach me. He told me he picked it up during his travels in the Middle East. Now, I got that that part wasn’t true it took me far longer than it should have to realize that he was just making it up as he went.

And the best thing was that he made certain there was some rule in the game that made everyone playing have to back up and yell “Pivonka!” in shock or admiration or something. Good times.