Space: Above And Beyond – Stardust

It takes a while for them to get around to it, but this episode is about the team doing a large-scale spaceship version of Operation: Mincemeat. Seriously, most of the episode is just political intrigue thriller stuff about the higher-ups being afraid of traitors so they have to keep the Wild Cards (and everyone else) in the dark about it. But all that is unimportant, because what matters that happens here is that the Wild Cards escort a ship full of dead people designed to look like they were on an important mission. The Cards lose the ship on purpose when attacked by the Chigs, but when the Chigs check the wreckage, the information they find on the ship will be false.

Some of the stuff at the beginning of the episode goes on a little too long, and the end fight scene is faked anyway, but at least it gives us a little more space plane combat. I don’t know what it was, but there was something about the dialogue during that last fight that really made me think they were doing an episode while simultaneously recording the barks that would be used in a Space: Above And Beyond video game if such a game were to exist.

The most important thing in this episode is that we learn that Commodore Ross has named his guitar Rosalind. I approve.

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