Space: Above And Beyond – Dear Earth

This episode is a batch of little plots that are all kicked off by the Saratoga getting mail. All of the cast get something to do. I’ll cover the least interesting characters first: West’s plot here actually does follow up on his brother’s death last time, as he tries to make sure his parents are notified by something other than a form letter. Vansen’s sister has a baby and uses the name that Vansen always wanted to use for a child, and also she’s promoted to captain while distracted by that affront on her name-choosing. They deal with that stuff.

Meanwhile, Damphousse’s fiance breaks up with her (in a letter that answers a question I had last time, the Wild Cards have been out to war for a year now). Things get worse for her when she is blinded while on a mission (her psychic powers sure haven’t helped her lately). In the end, she gets better and meets a doctor who I assumed would be her new love interest, but he’s credited as “Ophthalmologist” so I would guess that guy ain’t coming back. Incidentally, West gets no bad news in the mail, so he spends the episode helping Damphousse and trying to get new boots.

Finally, McQueen and Hawkes, being In-Vitros with no family back on Earth, are not used to getting mail, but this time they do. They are notified that, in an attempt to reduce prejudice against In-Vitros, they will be starring in a propaganda piece about how they’re such good soldiers serving in the military. The documentary is made by an annoying guy (played by the Kenny Bania guy) who tries to get unrealistic shots and what. Hawkes at first tries to play like things are all good, no prejudice here, then snaps and attacks a soldier who has been slinging slurs at him all episode. Meanwhile McQueen tells a story about how a bunch of his fellow In-Vitros burned to death and he got in trouble for trying to help them. Still, we see the propaganda piece at the end and it ignores all that to say there’s no prejudice in the Marine Corps. Good old denial and lying.

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