Space: Above And Beyond – Never No More

I mentioned last time how I thought there ought to be more space plane fighting, and this time it’s all about space plane fighting. This one is about the Chigs having a single fighter pilot who is an ace (they even nickname him Chiggy von Richthofen) who just keeps shooting down the human planes. Seriously, most of the episode is just that one Chig shooting down a bunch of humans and the humans being like “Well, we gotta do something about that.” Even when they finally send in the main characters, the ace is able to force them to retreat. That’s pretty much a definitive win against main characters. And the episode ends with this threat still out there.

Chiggy von Richthofen is obviously quite skilled, but also has a unique fighter, more armoured than other Chig craft and unable to be picked up on sensors or whatever. If any explanation is offered for why the Chigs don’t just build more craft like this, I sure didn’t see it. Oh, and the craft actually has “Abandon All Hope” in English painted on there. This really makes it clear that this Chig knows stuff about humans and has a personality and all that. I approve of anything that makes these aliens a bit more individualistic and even though we never see Chiggy von Richthofen, only exterior shots of the ship, this episode does that. Unless the next episode reveals there is a Silicate or human in there. But I am assuming that ain’t gonna happen.

Also, Vensen had an ex-boyfriend on one of the squads that got ruined and she’s all sad about it.

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