Space: Above And Beyond – Hostile Visit

As the time left in the episode gets smaller and smaller I could think only one thing: this isn’t going to wrap up. This is gonna be To Be Continued on me. And so it was.

In this one the Saratoga manages to capture a Chig ship intact. Civilian corporation scientists (who are really being painted as the bad guys on the show) want to study it, but McQueen and the Wild Cards can only think of things that involve them directly and immediately attacking, so they do an attempted suicide mission where they take the ship into enemy lines and blow stuff up. So a lot of the episode is the team grappling with the idea that they might be going off to die. Lots of character stuff, most of which did nothing for me. Wang gets the best things to do in this one, even though it includes a trite scene in which he is impersonating McQueen and McQueen walks in behind him. But more interesting, he gets a romantic interest and notes the bad timing this has when he’s probably about to leave and die. Otherwise, it’s a lot of uninteresting brooding.

Otherwise, not much. There’s a bit where they try to unmask a dead Chig on the captured ship only for it to dissolve before they can see anything. We meet a lot of Saratoga personnel who are not on the Wild Cards this time, like a bridge crew or something. Wang’s love interest is one of them, I think, and not one of those replacement extras who showed up a few episodes back. I think those replacements have faded into nonexistence.

Anyway, the cliffhanger has the suicide mission fail but the team uses an escape pod, meanwhile the Saratoga is taken over by that evil civilian science company.

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