Some Venture Bros Thoughts

It was a tradition I had that every time we approached a new season of the Venture Bros, I’d watch through the entire show up to that point. Well, we’ve got a supposedly-final Venture Bros movie coming later this month, so I spent some time earlier this month to do that again. This resulted in my most recent Beekeeper Review but I also had some other thoughts I felt I could deposit here on this website o’ mine. Let’s go:

  • The first stray thought is just an excuse for me to argue against something I read on the Internet years ago on my site, where nobody will contradict me. During an episode in the most-recent season Dr. Venture invented working teleportation technology. I saw people on the various websites saying this was unbelievable. Rusty is too much of a failure to have produced something that useful and functional, they said. I fully admit that Rusty is a loser of a superscientist. That’s not what I’m arguing against. But those people forgot that Rusty had inherited nearly-complete teleportation tech back in the second season. It managed to teleport Rusty into multiple places and get him stuck in a wall, remember? He got stuck in a wall and whatnot? The successful version of the tech is almost only different in the sense that it has two pads, so that one materializes at a set destination, rather than somewhere random. That’s exactly the change one would make after what Rusty went through the first time. It makes complete sense that Rusty (especially with his brother’s research and the help of Pete and Billy) could refine the teleportation technology he had and make it into something functional as we saw.
  • While I’m arguing with stupid comments on the Internet I read years ago and which still echo through my mind: I saw someone once say that the OSI agent Headshot wasn’t good because his name wasn’t a pun or joke or whatever. Sure, it’s not as good as Tank Top or Bum Rush and cetera, but there is definitely a joke in Headshot’s name: he’s a handsome model type who is also a sniper. It’s the exact same joke that the GI Joe character Cover Girl had: she was a gorgeous model type who also provided cover fire. So it’s not even just a joke, it’s also a GI Joe reference. I hope that whoever made that comment years ago feels like an idiot now.
  • Another thought I had on this rewatch: I was surprised how often the word “retard” (or variations) was used in those early seasons. I remembered some of them, and I knew the creators had eventually decided to use it less, but it’s really in there a lot more than my memory told me it was.
  • Something that occurred to me that has nothing to do with me arguing with folks on the Internet: I really feel like more time elapsed in-universe than the show thinks it did. In season one Dr. Orpheus gives a countdown number to the death of the Action Man. It’s a little over two years, I think. Then, in the last season that seems to come to pass. But it really feels like it’s been more than two years in the lives of the characters. I don’t know, I feel like this one is just me. And it does sort of allude to the concept of “Comic Book Time” but I don’t like that either. I’m not going to argue this one the way I’ll argue, say, that the boys really are the boys. It’s just how I feel.

Anyway, those are the things that occurred to me on this rewatch. I’m looking forward to the movie later this month. I hope it is so successful that they get to do another one. And I hope that other one is Escape From The House of Mummies, Part Five.

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