Earth 2 – All About Eve

And then I come to the last episode.

The Eden Project gang have finally got out of where they were camped for the winter when they all start getting sick and have to camp again. Then they discover a crashed Earth ship from decades before there were supposedly any humans on this planet and the ship has working cryogenics pods with people inside! This is truly an episode of revelations. Let’s just deal with them:

  • These unfrozen humans used to be scientists working for the Council who had been sent to study G889. They created an artificial intelligence program called Eve that is in orbit.
  • Reilly, the guy who was Julia’s connection to the Council, is also an AI. And not just any AI, he’s Eve, who created a secret identity for dealing with Julia (for reasons not given).
  • Also, the scientists were trying to flee the planet and had installed a virus in Eve on their way out. They are convinced that humans do not belong on G889 and they were trying to sabotage the Council’s efforts.
  • The illness that is affecting the Eden Project crew is being caused by monitoring chips that the Council secretly injected into all of the crew, which is now deteriorating. The scientists could fix this, but they think the humans don’t belong on G889, so they feel like they should die.
  • Obviously the cast is cured (and the new scientist characters conveniently die off), but it turns out that Devon never had one of those Council chips and her illness is something else entirely. That means she’s still dying. The show ends with her being put into cryogenic sleep in a cliffhanger that we now know as the Clone High Gambit.

Stray thoughts: 1) One of the Eden Project dies from this illness! It’s a woman named Eben. I don’t even know if she was even an extra we had ever seen or not. Truly she will be missed. 2) I gave Morgan some credit last time for being a team player, but in this one he’s under a lot of stress and relapses into scheming and selfishness (we also see him retreating into VR for the first time in a long time). He is the first one that learns of the existence of the scientists and he manipulates the rest of the group to go to them. Ultimately a cure would benefit everyone (and it pays off in the end), but he doesn’t consult the others. 3) I have no fear for Devon’s life even though the show was cancelled. The one look at sixteen years in the future showed us that Devon will live on. 4) I will probably be back with a wrap-up thoughts post, but for now, more importantly…


I didn’t notice Cameron in this one but least he wasn’t the group member who died. One thing that is not a cliffhanger: Cameron made it to the end of the season.

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