Earth 2 – The Greatest Love Story Never Told

The human population of G889 continues to prove itself much larger than first assumed. This time we come across a veritable village’s worth of humans living in caves. This group, made up of penal colonists and their descendants, was taken in by a tribe of Terrians who felt they had the potential to be redeemed. Also, the Terrians are once again sharing some of their mystical powers, though unlike with Mary, it isn’t the ability to travel through dirt. Apparently Terrians hibernate in the winter and, by touching their immobile forms, the humans can access the dreamscape of the Terrians and project themselves anywhere, even back to the stations around Earth.

And that ability is how Governor Shepherd has apparently met Devon decades ago in her dreams and inspired her to come to the planet in the first place. Though she didn’t believe he was a real person back then, just a dimly remembered dream, he incepted the idea that going to G889 might help heal her son Uly. Also, in dreams they fell in love, so Shepherd has been waiting for her arrival on the planet for decades.

But the thing is, he had problems during those decades. His sister Katrina, also a penal colonist, had a malfunction in her sleep chamber when sent to the planet and she aged the two decades that everyone else spent in suspended animation. This messed her up and she made Shepherd promise never to leave her. Thus, she’s not happy when Devon arrives and Shepherd considers leaving the village to go with the Eden Project. In the end, Katrina stabs Shepherd rather than lose him, and Danziger kills her by shooting her with a flaregun. The end. (Devon does still see Shepherd in her dreams.)

The paragraph of numbers: 1) To keep suspense in the episode, we get a back and forth on whether Shepherd is a good guy or not. I never found him likeable and I’m glad he won’t be sticking around. 2) In this cave village, True got to hang out with someone close to her age other than Uly for the first time since they left the stations. The culture in the caves is much different, from what she’s used to, though. For instance, they don’t consider family to be very important. True asks the kid “”Don’t you have a dad?” and he just kinda gestures to a crowd of people saying “I guess one of them must be.” 3) This village is only a few hours from where the Eden Project are camped for the winter, so it is entirely possible they encountered Mary, or even her parents back in the day. Could Gaal have wandered by these parts at some point? Why not? The Eden Project made it here in a few months from the area where Gaal was, and there were decades for it to happen. Really, humanity is all over this dumb planet.

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