Earth 2 – Water

Well, this is definitely the horniest episode yet, I can tell you that for sure. I’ve probably missed things in earlier episodes that were meant to show that characters were pining for one another, because I don’t pay too much attention to that sort of thing, but this episode has Devon and Danziger tied up and Devon has to drink water from the canteen he has in his lap which could not have been presented in a more blowjobular fashion than it is here. Ergo, even I picked up on it this time.

Anyway, we definitely are picking up on the story after the last episode, so the order I am watching them in now seems correct. That’s proven because the reveal that Julia is reporting to someone, which was the stinger at the end last time, is immediately followed up on this time. She reports for the Council, who ran things back on the space stations back around Earth and famously have tried to kill the Eden Project people on more than one occasion. But the guy that Julia is reporting to says that all that stuff was because of a guy named Blaylock. He was the bad one. The rest of the Council are cool, he insists. Julia ain’t having it. She’s cuts off communication with the Council.

Julia’s other plot in this episode takes her into the horny side of things. She manages to finally get Alonso healed up so he can walk again, and he responds by making out with her. She’s not totally not into it, but it makes her feel weird and conflicted. Ultimately, I guess she remembers that Alonso has been one of the least interesting parts of the show because she cuts off their budding relationship and winds up reporting to the Council again instead.

The A-plot of the episode, though, is that the group is running low on water. When they detect a lake nearby, Devon and Danziger head out alone to get some of that good, good h2o. On the way, they have a tension about how he thinks she’s a spoiled rich girl who is out of his league and she tries to convince him that she’s been through stuff too and whatnot. I now see who the will-they-won’t-they pairing on the show is. Their romantic getaway is interrupted by Terrians though! The local spooky beings attack the humans and steal their vehicle. But Devon and Danziger continue to walk all the way to the lake only to find it is so acidic that it eats through a canteen in seconds. At one point Danziger is so badly wounded and dehydrated that Devon has to go off on her own and show us that she’s learned from him and is tough in her own way. But in any case, it turns out the Terrians ain’t so bad, they return the truck and show Devon where they can find water, and also heal up Danziger. Everybody wins and now we want those two single parents to bone.

What else was there? Let’s see… 1) Bess is downright genial in this one after the heel turn last episode. Maybe it’s just that she’s not interacting with Devon, but she’s upbeat even in the narrating, which she does without actually being important to the plot. 2) Morgan is also pretty decent in this episode. For Morgan anyway. At one point Bess thinks that he stole extra water that was supposed to be rationed because he gave her a full cup, but it turns out he had given her his ration. In this, the horniest of episodes, the drama couple doesn’t do anything especially horny, but we do see them being affectionate to one another and commenting about how much it helps to have someone you can count on in a situation like this. (And Bess, somehow, considers Morgan such a person). 3) The society on the space stations around Earth has a system of inherited debt that keeps the poor oppressed for generations and this is why Danziger doesn’t like rich people (as if you need a reason). Devon notes how she paid the fees for her staff when they left the station, so Danziger is actually out of debt and would be free if they ever get off this planet. 4) The acidic lake is apparently the power source for the lighting-staff weapons that the Terrians use. Kind of a neat alien stuff detail. I’ll allow it. 5) The eagle sound is back! It occurred to me this time that, if the Council actually has humans on the planet, maybe there’s a hawk population there too. You never know.

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