So anyway, a buncha years ago I created a blog on which I wanted to post stories while hiding my identity. A secret pseudonym identity where I could just write more things and nobody would know. Why? Why do I do any of this? For my own amusement.

But, as should be evident by this site alone, I haven’t had the time to write as many prose things as I’d like. For a while I was getting stories done both here and there, but I let it slide. And then I started a webcomic and then I went back to school and then I started my Super Sunday things. Before long I was getting things done here with some consistency, but I pretty much forgot about that site (but never the story I was telling). I recently realized I haven’t updated that blog since 2012. So, I quit. I’m going to fold AbatwaX’s stories into this site over the next week or two and hopefully get back to them here someday. I admit, it was somewhat foolhardy for me to try working under a pseudonym before I even had a regular writing thing going on here.

Also, I did some short stories for my Creative Writing mid-term. I’m going to transcribe those and have them up over the next week or two as well. This will bulk up my prose section a bit. Obviously, nobody cares about prose stories, but hey, they’ll be there for me and that’s what I want.

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