Day Before School

It’s the day before school starts back up and I’m seeing kids everywhere. I can take some small comfort in the knowledge that a bunch of them will drop out and go away. That’ll be nice.

While I’m here, I might as well go on to mention that I am currently roommateless. The last one left in the midst of August, as was the plan, and I put an ad on the Internet, but since I was on my own again for some time, I remembered how nice it is to have to apartment to myself. I answered a few people who responded to the ad, but it was a lot of kids, really, and I eventually just stopped replying. It looks like I’m going to try to go at least a month on my own. It will be pleasant and expensive.

  1. You should just rent out the space as storage.

    • If you can find anyone willing to pay five hundred dollars a month for storage space, just let me know.

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