Phone Learnin’

Well, I’ve had the new phone almost a week now. Here’s some thoughts on the experience so far: I don’t like the fact that when I pick up my phone, I have to hit an additional button to make it be a phone. My old phone, I flipped it open and it was a phone. This one, I do a swipe of the screen and it is still a computer, not yet a phone. I have to then tell it to be a phone. Similarly, if I answer a call from my apartment intercom to buzz someone in, I used to be able to just answer the call and hit the nine key. Now I have to answer the call, then tell it to give me a keyboard, and then I can hit the nine. I also had an issue with my phone doing things while it was in my pocket, so I had to set it so I trace a pattern with my finger before it I can even get into the thing. I’m an old man! I don’t want to be spending all my time turning my phone into a phone!

One definite upside: the ability to use apostrophes when texting. My old phone couldn’t do that.

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