An Open Letter To The People Who Make Fake Flowers

To Whom It May Concern,

So, you’re making fake flowers over there I see. Nice work if you can get it. There’s always gonna be people and businesses who want to spruce up their surroundings, but can’t, for reasons ranging from being busy to being lazy, take care of living plants. These are the people who need to get fake plants. So good on you for helping those people to get what they need.

But there is one way I think you’re dropping the ball here. I’ve seen plenty of fake plants over the years. I’ve seen fake plants that look like real plants. I’ve seen fake plants that don’t look very good at all and just look like terribly shabby fake plants. I’ve even seen real plants that looked fake to me, but that has nothing to do with you, so don’t worry about it. But what I’m not seeing in fake plants is what I want most of all: Fake plants that look like real fake plants.

That is to say I want there to be fake plants that are of good quality, that look like real plants, but that are not based on real existing plants. You’re not confined by the laws of nature, fake plant makers, you can do whatever you want. You should be going balls-out crazy when you’re designing fake plants. You can make leaves with a rainbow of colors, or roses that curl around like crazy straws. You have just got to use your imagination. Or, if you don’t have one of those, just drop some acid, hang out in a garden and make note of the trippy flowers you see. Something like that. All I’m saying is that you don’t have to waste your time making fake versions of flowers we already have. Do something new and exciting.

Oh, one last note: I don’t know anything about plants. If you’re already making brand new types of flowers that don’t really exist, I wouldn’t know it. But keep doing it. Just do it cooler.

Peace and Love,
Patrick D Ryall

      • Hey, maybe that is how we can make sense of the Voynich Manuscript. We just have to make the rest of the world conform to what it seems to be saying. Right?

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