They keep talking to me…

I feel I must state something for the benefit of all people who might want to come up to me and say something. I am not listening. If you come up to me and start talking I will not notice right away unless you get my attention first. This applies to people on the street, people at work, people pretty much anywhere. And yet it seems like people just love to walk up to me and start talking. They’ll stand beside me, or even behind me, and they just assume I am listening while they say things like “Sure is hot today, huh?” or “How was work last night?” or whatever, but what they don’t realize is that I do not maintain a constant state of awareness at what people are saying around me. If you’ve not got my attention, I’m going to assume you are speaking to someone else and I will remain in the state of mental detachment from reality where I spend as much time as possible. That is all. I hope this helps all you random people in the future.

  1. I’ll be sure to grab you by the coller and violently shake you before I talk to you from now on.

  2. Perfect. Just don’t be alarmed if I don’t notice being violently shaken right away.

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