Honey and Maple Toffee


35% whipping cream (One Cup)
Maple Syrup (3/4 Cup)
Honey (3/4 Cup)
Brown Sugar (Half Cup)
Salt (teaspoon)

You’re also going to want:

A cooking pan that is large enough to hold the ingredients when they boil up about three times the size they are at first.
A tinfoil pan or some other dish that can handly a really hot liquid
Some parchment paper
A candy thermometre


Put the ingredients together in the pan you’ll be cooking them in and mix them until they are evenly mixed throughout.
Boil the pot using medium to high heat on the stove to get moisture out of the mixture or something like that.
Take the pan that’s going to be the receptacle and line the bottom of it with the parchment paper.
I turn off the heat when the mixture has reached about 125 degrees Celsius and then pour it onto the paper in the pan.
Then leave it alone for a while! Like an hour at least! Often, if I play with it too much too early, it gets too hard and my goal is a nice soft toffee here.
Hours later, you can try to cut it into pieces. I then wrap the pieces individually in parchment paper, but there’s probably a less wasteful way of dealing with it.
It makes a lot of this toffee. More than I have ever realistically needed.

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