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  • PDR on First 2017 Phone Guys:
    "And yet he'll just keep on being a jerk, because that's what jerks do." – Fri 06 Jan @ 1:37 AM
  • Anthony on First 2017 Phone Guys:
    "Big Rocco is a dick. He should do the world a favor and kill himself." – Tue 03 Jan @ 3:05 AM
  • PDR on Phone Guys Not Forgotten:
    "I am reasonably okay with this being the canon explanation." – Thu 24 Nov @ 10:06 PM
  • Anthony on Phone Guys Not Forgotten:
    "An ape threw the barrel at him would be my guess." – Wed 23 Nov @ 2:30 PM
  • Dennis Percherke on Beekeeper Review: Ghost from Mission Impossible:
    "It's hard to understand if at the end it was really the ghost or something that Rollin and Barney rigged up. Zubrovnik's Ghost episode I..." – Mon 19 Sep @ 8:56 PM
  • Somebody on Makin' Marios.:
    "" – Thu 21 Apr @ 6:59 PM
  • PDR on Makin' Marios.:
    "Sadly, the problem isn't that Nintendo is incapable of making more complex stories, it's that they don't want more complex stories. The real Mario makers..." – Wed 20 Apr @ 10:07 PM
  • Anthony Bregante on Makin' Marios.:
    "Nintendo should hire you. They kind of suck when it comes to writing plots. My main problem with Nintendo is their repeating stories throughout the..." – Tue 19 Apr @ 11:54 AM
  • Hugh on Whatever Happened To Strand Man?:
    "I thought it was Billy and Susie. Good find. The commercial was so silly that the guys in basic used to parody it: "2 section..." – Fri 11 Mar @ 6:09 PM
  • PDR on Phone Guys Jan 25:
    "Ah, thanks for pointing it out. I have fixed it." – Tue 26 Jan @ 4:55 AM
  • Anthony Bregante on Phone Guys Jan 25:
    "You are the one phoning it in PDR. This is the same as last time." – Tue 26 Jan @ 12:35 AM
  • PDR on Now This Week's Phone Guys:
    "Sounds like you got Ghost Tricked." – Sat 26 Dec @ 9:48 PM
  • Anthony Bregante on Now This Week's Phone Guys:
    "A ghost told me where some buried treasure was. I dug up an old shoe and then he laughed at me." – Mon 21 Dec @ 7:59 PM
  • Kurt on Whatever Happened To Strand Man?:
    "lol I memorized one of the tv commercials back in the day (which was a Wednesday). "One day Billy and Donna were walking through a..." – Mon 21 Dec @ 9:41 AM
  • PDR on Super Sunday: Smoldor and Evil Toe:
    "But this guy is made of coal. That's tooooootally different from being a hairy guy. Totally different." – Mon 23 Nov @ 3:35 AM
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