Candy Myers: Super Investigator

My Superman fanfiction project is going to utilize a very obscure Superman character who mostly appeared on the radio show in the 1940s and the black and white show in the 1950s. This is Candy Myers, a private investigator who worked with Superman on occasion. I intend to update Candy for a time nearly a century later by casting them as a non-binary individual, but still a rough-and-tumble P.I. who can hold their own. I’m also imagining a world where the character continued to exist through those decades and picked up elements of counter-culture over time, including a healthy dose of the ’70s punk scene. (I also intend to work in another obscure Super character, Squawky the Super-Parrot. I’m doing that mostly because I think it is funny, but there is a tradition of parrots playing important roles in noir detective stories.)

I am hoping to get a single image of Candy, as if it were the cover of a comic book, featuring the character standing against a city wall, adjusting their tie with knuckles bruised and bloody and their suit ruffled from some fight. Squawky sits on their shoulder.

There would be pins on Candy’s lapel (I assume an Anarchy “A”, probably a pride flag of some kind, a Superman symbol would make sense, etc.). If the amount of detail in the image allows for it, I’d also like to see brightly painted fingernails and hair under the hat that can be seen to be died some outlandish colour that would make 1970s parents nervous.