Old About Page

Note that this is the old About Page for the Book of PDR. It is not kept up to date, but PDR wants to keep it around for posterity.

Patrick D Ryall

So you want some kind of explanation for it all, do you? Geez, what is wrong with you people? You think every thing that exists is going to have some kind of easily explained reasoning? Even with all the things in the vastness of Creation to which you are minuscule in comparison, you think you can understand it all? Okay, fine. This is where I’ll tell you all why this site exists.

Now your first question is probably something like, “Who is PDR and why should I care?” Well, I am PDR. For more about me, you can go here and learn more than you’ll ever need to know. Why should you care? I guess you shouldn’t.

This site is a spiritual successor to Contains2.com, the Official Nonsense Homepage, which PDR and some friends created but which has since died to death. As such this will be a bastion of absurdity and stupidity of the sorts once found on that page, but will also focus on anything else PDR wants to write as well.

If you have other questions, I suggest you read the F.A.Q. page. Those’re all the rage with the kids these days, I am thinking. So if you want to be hip and young, go for that.

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