Randomer PDR Facts

You wanted something less structured than that last list? Well then, in no particular order, for no partucular reason:

  • PDR once ate an entire Lemon Meringue Pie in a single sitting with a spoon.
  • PDR enjoys skee-ball.
  • When he was in elementary school, PDR kinda wished he had the nickname “Frog” but never did anything to advance that cause.
  • Brown is PDR’s natural hair color.
  • PDR becomes sentimentally attached to his toothbrushes.
  • PDR saw Biodome in the theatre.
  • In his childhood PDR had a fear of dogs that was exacerbated a dream in which strangely-colored dogs were jumping up on him. This fear was ended when his family actually got a dog. He now loves them.
  • PDR wears clothing, as is mandated by the legal system in the place he lives.
  • PDR has lived for many years on a nocturnal schedule.
  • 74826632 is a number PDR wrote on his website one time.
  • At some point, PDR decided to put as little care into managing his hair, beyond washing it, as possible. He does not remember the last time he combed it apart from using his hand.
  • At all times PDR is not up to date on what is hip and cool on the music scene. Or most any scene really.
  • PDR was aware of human mortality at an extremely early age and it gave him trouble sleeping on many occasions in his childhood.
  • Bazooka = The G.I. Joe who looked like PDR’s father growing up.
  • In his childhood PDR had a wealth of action figures that he now misses deeply. He never realized how good he had it.
  • PDR has eaten french toast in three countries. He hopes to do so in more.
  • PDR is against capital punishment.
  • PDR has not had a lot of pets, but his family had cats, fish, a cockateil and a dog at points during PDR’s life.
  • If he could be a tree, PDR wouldn’t be particularly concerned about what kind of tree he was. Caring about that sort of thing is a stupid human convention that trees would do without.
  • Size 13 = PDR’s shoe size.
  • PDR prefers for his birthday to not be acknowledged, or at least very quietly so. He takes great pride in remembering the birthdays of others however.
  • If PDR could get humanity to do one thing, it would be to “grow up!”
  • Matzoh Bread = Something PDR likes to eat.
  • PDR should be the Pope.
  • Another time, PDR ate an entire Lemon Meringue Pie in a single sitting with his hands.

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