Nearing the end of School Year One

I’ve finished writing essays for the year, and I think I’ve only got three days of classes left. After next week, all that remains is the exams.

Exams have got to be my least favorite element of schooling, so I’m not happy that they’re what’s left. It is especially sad because the classes that remain aren’t about teaching any more. It’s all about how to study for exams, and how to pass exams, and all that stuff that I don’t care much about. Basically, from a PDR point of view, school is over and all that’s left is the annoying unimportant stuff they make us do so they can feel like they’re doing something.

My plan was to take some classes over the Summer, but reality is that I can’t currently afford any classes. With that in mind, I’m kinda going to have to make up Summer as I go, so let’s see what happens. Hopefully I will have a lot of time for doing things on the site, here.

(Edited in later in the day): Looks like the Radiolab polling has finished and I felt like I should include the results for posterity. Shrewdinger wins.

The Grandmammal

I suppose that I should make note that I suggested a name for an ancestor of humanity and that my suggestion is, as of this writing, in the running to win a Radiolab contest. There were over a thousand suggestions to begin with and somehow “Grandmammal” has made it into the final four.

I think I can safely say that if I had actually bothered to put any thought into my suggestion, instead of just firing off the first thing that occurred to me, it would never have made it this far.