Televisions Will Kill Us All.

Television screens are a damn lot harder to smash than I ever would have thought. I took four swings at it with Huitzilopotchli Broadbent (that’s my baseball bat) and it wasn’t even cracked. Wade took a couple swings too and it did not care. It wasn’t until we smashed the frame and came at it from behind that we finally were able to break glass.

From that point on the thing was a wuss, so when the televisions rise against us, don’t make the mistake of going for the screen. Unless it was just that model that had an unusually solid glass covering… I may have to do more research.


Got no ovaries.
I’ll just have to live with that.
Until I buy some.

I was certain we were done with the snow here was over and done with, but we must’ve got seventy-five metres worth today. Or something. At any rate we got a lot of snow and I didn’t expect it. Between this keeping me from wanting to go outside and yesterday being a holiday so most everything was closed I may have to write this weekend off as sub-mediocre. Except for that television-smashing. That was cool.

I have been doing a little better with having a social life this last week or two. Only a little, but anything is improvement. Now to do something about my work ethic (that is for things other than my job) and I will have it goin’ on.

Over A Week Since The Last Post

Well, work and sleeping are both taking more time than I’d like lately. I wish I could quit one. Or both. Or just quit one and only do the other one when I was in the mood for a messed up dream. But seriously, I want to quit my job.

It’s now October. This is the month that is home to my favorite holiday of them all. If that doesn’t entice me to write some things for this site, well, then I’m just a loser. And I don’t want to be a loser.

Also, I bought a baseball bat a few days ago. I spraypainted it green and named it Huitzilopochtli Broadbent. Now if I’m ever in need of such a green baseball bat (particularly in situations where I must administer bustamafoo), I have one. Hooray.