Be nice to your robots!

According to something I wrote on Conains2 several years ago March 25 is International Robot Day. Since nobody has contradicted me since then, I take that as proof that it is true. Sort of like how since nobody official has contradicted that Patrick D Ryall is a nation, I know that that is true.

So that means that Patrick D Ryall will be celebrating International Robot Day in just a few weeks! Who else is excited? I bet you all are.


Behold the Trumpet!
It can bring forth sounds of joy!
But it won’t. It won’t.

I will try to write a story for International Robot Day, I think. We could all use more stories for International Robot Day…

  1. As a former Robot Master Slave Driver, I see your point. But, I also have cotton fields that haven’t been picked in years.

    I want my cottonfields picked dammit!
    Salve Man V. Master Man.


    You got Whipbuster!

  2. I wish I had a robot dog that would help me through missions.

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