I totally managed to lose my paycheck yesterday. A message was left on my telephone answering machine message device machine that told me some guy had found it and… and that’s where the guy got cut off by the end of the message. So I had no idea how to find this guy. He said his name, but since he was talking into the intercom in the lobby of this building, the sound was not great. I thought it was “Rob Drone” but I may have just been hearing that because it sounds like it would be an awesome name for a robot. Anyway, as I pondered how to get in touch with this guy and gets my moneys, I found that he had tucked it in through the slot on my mailbox. His mechanical brain saved the day and I got my pay. Of course, I have no way of thanking him in person, so I will just say on here that I am thankful to the man/android who returned my check to me.

I also spent yesterday without the Internet access, but that ordeal is over too. Yesterday weren’t nothing but trouble.

  1. Um, d00d, you don’t get direct deposit?!? You’re like a Neanderthal, or at least a sub-human mandrill. I bet you have a blue butt.

  2. It’s so blue, it should be in that song about all that stuff that was blue. Anyone remember that song?

    And yeah, direct deposit would be nice. Unfortunately I work for a company that is an idiot.

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