Pins and Needles.

Ah, crap. It’s Sunday again aready. I’m so sick of Sunday, since they’re the longest shift of the week. Aren’t I supposed to rest on Sundays? I think my job is trying to condemn me to Hell.


Forever cactus.
Never to be a pine tree.
Cactus, for all time.

I just got out of the shower and found my calender had fallen off my wall. I don’t know why. Ain’t no wind. The thumbtack/pushpin thing must have just slid out of its hole. I assume it is a message from the primaevil forces of the universe, but I don’t know what it means. I suck at reading the universe.

  1. Saturday is supposed to be the day of rest. The stupid church couldn’t leave things well enough alone and now Sundays suck.

    Your calander fell to show you support in your hatred of Sundays.

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