Second Half of Jimmy Olsember

This Month I decided that I am celebrating Superman’s Pal on Twitter with the hashtag #JimmyOlsember.

Here is the back half of that celebration:

13 December:


Prankster and Toyman sabotaged the character customization system in Jim’s new video game, making him take his character’s form. If there’s a downside to being Space Princess JO, Jim hasn’t found it.

18 December:


The Superman Revenge Squad has turned Jim into an insectoid for reasons not yet entirely clear. It is ruining Ron Troupe’s birthday party.

21 December:


To win a bet with Steve Lombard, Jim had Thaddeus Killgrave turn him into a cyborg, but he still has to have the photos from the dog show on Perry’s desk by nine.

22 December:


The Wicked Warlock has turned Jimmy into a snowman as part of a plan to ruin Lex Luthor’s Christmas.

28 December:


A rogue Kandorian scientist wanted to recreate the animals of his homeworld and, to that end, has turned Jimmy into a Kryptonian tri-snout.

30 December:


A member of Jim’s fan club was nostalgic for the old transformations, so he slipped Jim a magic potion turning him to a fat elastic werewolf.

Multiple Jimmies Olsen

I didn’t have a Superman Thoughts post scheduled for today because I’ve been doing my JimmyOlsember thing to get my Superman energy out this month, but I feel like I’ve got to throw out something. So here’s a picture of Metropolis’s other James Olsens. After all, it’s kind of their month too. Here we see them being nicknamed by regular Jimmy based on whatever surface element of their appearance first catches his eye.

These are the poor suckers who would be killed off if Terminator came back in time to kill regular Jimmy.