Super Sunday: The League of Space Doctors

The League of Space Doctors

“The Mutant’s Curse”, “Malevolent Entity Disorder”, “Space Horror Disease”. These are all names for an apparently intelligent and definitely evil virus-like lifeform that has been spreading to various alien species trying to reach all the corners of the universe. The League of Space Doctors is an organization made up of representatives of many alien species that have banded together to put an end to the virus’s spread.

Dr. Vedzax was a Space Doctor who was covered during Superhero Sunday year. Now we shall meet some of his allies:

Dr. Ardakkus

Ardakkus is a close friend of Dr. Vedzax, both of them having been in the Space Doctor Academy at the same time. Sadly, Ardakkus is one of the last few survivors of the Urvarkan species, their homeworld having been ravaged by the virus that the Space Doctors came together to fight. After witnessing the destruction there, Ardakkus joined the Academy and became one of the League’s most talented surgeons.

Dr. Lykstam

A member of an aquatic species that must use a special backpack that keeps her moisturized, as well as allowing her to fly around, Lykstam specializes in battlefield medicine. The virus has been known to use wars as a means of entry into various species, so the Space Doctors try to help out when possible. There is some division among the League about how much time should be spent working on health issues apart from the virus, but Lykstam is a proponent of helping wherever needed, whether the virus is present or not.

Dr. Gartok

All of the Space Doctors have been through trying times, but Gartok was in charge of clearing the virus out of the Hezzitar System, but failed. Millions of beings died because of that failure, a fact that weighs heavily on Gartok. Other Space Doctors are worried that the stress may cause Gartok to make more mistakes in the future, or spin into depression and even become suicidal, but Gartok refuses to stop working. Still, even Gartok can’t help but notice the quiver in their tentacles that were not there before.

Dr. Bampo

Bampo is a magnificent genius. Though Bampo is a Fleddian, a species that does not possess hands that would make medical work more easy, Bampo has a brilliant mind capable of recognizing symptoms and making diagnoses at lightning speed, as well as charting the potential infection path of the virus. Bampo also takes on interns as assistants, helping them to learn enough to become the next generation of Space Doctors.

Dr. Yelon

Dr. Yelon is from a species that has not yet made contact with other alien races and Yelon intends to keep it that way. Yelon happily works as a Space Doctor, with special sense organs that essentially let Yelon see inside of patients, but is always concerned about the possibility of the virus making its way back to their homeworld. As a result, Yelon is very secretive, even among the other Space Doctors.

Super Sunday: Hurchans


Living on planet Hurch there is a species of fuzzy, peaceful beings we can call the Hurchans. They seem simple to our sensibilities, but they’re actually very technologically advanced. If they wanted, they could easily spread across the galaxy in a matter of months, but they don’t want that. The Hurchans are content to live on their happy planet and keep to themselves, and since it is a paradise by almost any standard, why wouldn’t they?

The Hurchans are a little bit shorter than humans on average, but otherwise are somewhat similar, with traits that would seem commonplace in a mammalian species, such as giving live birth and bodily production of food for their young.

Little Choy once dropped in on the planet Hurch to do his job of flinging insults.

Joplozzer likes to dance. Long ago in Hurchan culture, dancing had a significant role in mating rituals and dominance displays. In the present, however, it is purely a recreational act, and that’s the way Joplozzer likes it, because Joplozzer is actually a very nervous sort who doesn’t want to show any kind of dominance, but just wants to have fun.

Frank Zud spends a lot of time in the planet’s Technocaves, which is a vast and complex series of tunnels and caves that are full of wires and machinery that travel all over the sub-surface of the planet. Once these tunnels were a vital part of the planet’s techno-scene, but as technology advanced beyond the need for them, the tunnels became a haven for hobbyists and tinkerers who like the “retro” appeal. Frank Zud has portioned off a system of the caves and is designing a giant amusement park-style set of rides and mazes for others to enjoy.

Cleebin is an old Hurchan who has been through a lot: war, disease, loss. But now, as an elder, Cleebin has become of a religious sort. Though there is no longer any single majority religion on Hurch, and most Hurchans don’t tend to think about spiritual matters, Cleebin spends time perusing ancient texts about beliefs of Hurchan cultures that are long lost. Cleebin feels that there may be forgotten truths in these old beliefs that could be of use in these modern times.

A Fact About Hurchans: It might seem like Hurch would be a good candidate for alien invasion. In fact, in the last two thousand Earth years, the Hurchans have handily repelled seventeen different threats from outer space. Hurch has earned a reputation for being utterly unconquerable.

Universe: Red

Beekeeper Reviews: Bee Movie’s Beekeepers

It can’t be overstated: This movie depicts a universe in which bees are uncannily human. They speak English, they have technology and family units, they have furniture and clothes, they even have their own version of Larry King. But the beekeepers in the movie are inhumane. One benefit of the doubt can be given to the beekeepers: The bees have a policy that, until the events of the movie, they don’t speak to humans, but even so, these beekeepers see the bees who have chairs and paintings and still call bees “pinheads”? Not very observant.

Unlike my ideal beekeepers, these guys aren’t protecting their bees. They are exploiting them. One of them says specifically that “we throw it in some jars, slap a label on it, and it’s pretty much pure profit.” From the sounds of it, they don’t spend any money on taking care of the bees. The hives they make for their bees are represented as unfurnished, minuscule apartments with propaganda pictures of their queen about. The beekeepers have the typical technology, but even that is twisted to jerk-styles. When describing his smoker, one beekeepers says “Ninety puffs a minute, semi-automatic,” which sounds impressive until he adds “Twice the nicotine, all the tar!” These guys are actually addicting the human-like bees to the smoke to keep them exploitable. This “They make the honey, and we make the money” style is pretty abhorrent. Real beekeepers give something back. Also, these guys never portray any fighting or supernatural abilities. They don’t amount to much.

In a way, the real beekeepers in this movie are the bees themselves. But I don’t think that counts.