2012 Ender

Oh hey, I guess another year is gone. Hey 2012, get outta here!

I guess that this was a pretty game-changing year for PDR, what with the quitting my job and going back to school thing. That’s the sort of thing that makes a year notable.

And naturally, the world didn’t end. As if the Dark Lord Char’Nagh would ever let the world end without his approval.

So everybody listen up here’s the plan: Let’s not mess up 2013. Let’s have a good year.

The Origin of Neckties

During the deepest depths of the Bronze Age there was a kingdom called Chubungo. Chubungo was the richest and most powerful nation of its day, and liked to rub that fact in the faces of all the other nations around. The Chubungan military had developed a highly advanced martial art that had made them unstoppable […]

Two solid days of reading the John Dies At The End sequel and now I’m done. Now, sadly, to readjust to not being reading it.