End of a School Month

Okay, yo. I guess it has somehow become the end of the month already, so I might as well do a post about how school is going.

I’ve written some tests already. I wrote a history test wherein I had to identify some regions in Early Modern Europe. I aced that one. I also had to do a punctuation test for English which I haven’t got the official mark from my professor back yet, but before handing them in we had them marked by fellow students and, assuming that student did a competent job, I did well and better than a large portion of the kids in the class. That’s what really matters.

Also in that English class I was told to write an essay about my writing style or whatever. I liked that one pretty well. I was able to write 700 words about how I don’t know what I’m doing, so it was basically like something I could do on this site if I bothered to do more than one draft. And the points of that essay was quite explicit: I don’t know how to write academic-style essays. Hey people I went to high school with. Hey. Did we ever learn that? I don’t remember learning that. But the fact that that is what the essay is about makes me feel that maybe it will be judged a little easier. After all, any mistakes I make in the writing will be supporting my thesis, right? I don’t know what the rules are for this sort of thing, but I’d like to have that essay up in this online repository of my self-obsession someday. I’ll have to ask about that. Anyway, the essay has also drilled into my head how much I don’t like the idea of writing in strict academic stylings.

What if I think ending a sentence with “f’realz y’all” is the best way to get my point across? Am I supposed to suppress such an urge just because it isn’t “intellectual” or whatever it is that they’re going for? I don’t think PDR can do that, f’realz y’all. I look at the sheer volume of essays I will apparently be writing for my English, Mythology, and History classes and I don’t like the look of it. You want me to write about the Epic of Gilgamesh? Man, I enjoyed reading the Epic, but I have nothing to say about Gilgamesh that hasn’t been said by people better at it than me. You want me to summarize these two articles and then give reasons why you assigned them to us? I would imagine you already know what they’re about, man, you assigned them. I’m probably going to be harping on this point a lot this year, but I’ll say it again: These assignments are just about me proving to you that I’m learning and I don’t freaking care if you think I’m learning or not. I care if I am learning. And these assignments only make me feel overwhelmed and pressured. I like writing when I want to write, but writing crap I don’t think matters is not what I want. I find myself wondering if I should just try to see how far I can stray from good essay-making without failing. That sounds more PDRish, but does come with the risk of actually failing.

And finally, my other class, Astronomy, does not require me to write essays. I like that. It does require math, though. I don’t like that as much. I had one assignment there too not due until the eleventh, and have finished it already. That’s nice. Unfortunately I have a Mythology assignment due tomorrow I haven’t finished. Whoops!

In the theme of learning, I can also mention I have been out driving twice times since getting my training license thing. A few more times and I will probably have doubled the number of times I’ve driven in my entire life. Anyway, I think it is going well. I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’ve stuck to parking lots and unused roads so far, though. I am not looking forward to getting onto places where there will be more than the occasional other vehicle. Driving, like most aspects of my life, is not improved by my proximity to other folk.

Well, looks like it is time to stop playing on my website and start pretending I care about this Gilgamesh essay.

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By…

Hi, this is Marq here. Pat asked me to throw up a SecGov Single that I did up using my brand new drawing tablet (at the time), only now that I’ve procrastinated and decided I could find it the night before WHILE AT WORK (the paying job, that is), seems I cannot locate it. BUT, here is a preview of the first panel without word balloons:

Another Cyril Thing

Don’t you just love those eye-gougingly garish colours?! I guess I’ll have to throw the comic up when I get home. Sorry for the delay, every(three)body. Alright, Marq out.

Canadian Boats Can Do Racing

Today’s Heritage Moment is about sporting. If you live in a nation, there is literally nothing more important than being able to beat other nations in sport. This is more important than anything. Anything at all.

Specifically we’re looking at Canada, just a few days old, challenging English and French teams in canoeing (or some kinda boat race anyway). These plucky up-and-comers are the underdogs and they win anyway. Who woulda thinked it? Maybe this Canada thing will turn out alright after all.

We are told that nobody respects the team, dressed as they are “in their absurd red caps and brown suspenders.” I don’t know what is worse, the old timey time people who thought red caps and brown suspenders in some way affect ones ability to do boating, or the narrator who uses the word “absurd” as if he agrees with them. But what really gets me is how much money the team’s hometown wagered on this. Do they just have that kind of money lying around? In that whole young town is there nothing that they might be better off spending money on? NO! This is more important than anything. Anything at all.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say. It’s got decent music and I like the pacing. In spite of his hatred of caps and suspenders, the narrator does a good job. There’s not a lot of quotability here, sadly (though, if some band ever takes the name “The Legendary Parisians” I’d totally support them). I feel like I have to call this one above average. Let’s go with Three and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake.

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Turns out the powers your ghost gets are determined by the last song you heard before you die. From now on I only listen to “Space Oddity”.

Phone Guys Sept 24 2012

All I got is Phone Guys again. So here’s that.

But I don’t want that to be all I offer, so here’s a comedy joke I just invented:

Why didn’t the dik-dik and the melon get married in Vegas?
Because a cantaloupe and an antelope can’t elope!