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Comics May 28th

I am a little late on the comics today, but when I realized that all I had to offer was the Phone Guys:

I wanted to make it marginally better and do something else to go with it. So this happened:

But then, as if lightning from a strange blue void, Marq did some manner of guest comic which can be found below:

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My dog keeps looking at me with those big sad eyes. Should I stop kicking him or something?

It’s been a while…

I was thinking, it has probably been over a decade since I’ve ridden a bicycle. It feels strange to know this. I had bikes as a kid, like, most of the time, I think. One of my first jobs involved me riding from place to place on bicycles. But then there was this Summer when I was seventeen or so where I had two bikes stolen from my shed, mere months apart, and after that I just didn’t get another one.

I live in the city side of the city now. There are more cars here than there were in Eastern Passage. I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be riding a bike on these streets. I am confident that I would still be physically able to ride a bike though. Remembering how to ride a bike is so easy that there’s an expression about it, after all.

It has also been bizarrely long since I have:

  • Been to a dentist
  • Eaten cereal
  • Seen an episode of any Star Trek

What is the world coming to?

Bits of Stuff

Okay, I can’t really think of anything to talk about today, so I’ll just say what’s going on. Marq has added a dropdown menu to the sidebar there (—> There) that will let one navigate through the various Secret Government Robot story arcs. That will help anyone who actually has cause to look through the stories.

In related news, later this month I plan on adding SecGov updates to Saturdays. I’m currently just ahead of schedule enough to delude myself into thinking that this’ll work. It’ll probably be rough at first, but it will allow me to get through the stories that much quicker. I would be doing a page a day if I could keep up with the pace.


The sun sets on Mars.
The Martians watch with delight.
Nothing else to do.

Anyway, as I said, I don’t have much else to say. I’ve got five minutes until I have to start getting ready for work… Gotta think of something to say… uh… Giant Enormous Face Eats The Train And Dies!

So… That’s what I said. Can’t take it back now. And I gotta go.