2009 Ender.

So, another year is over and the Dark Lord Char’Nagh is handing out guns to those thoughtful enough to leave him sacrifices. Truly a festive time. And in the end, I would say that as years go, 2009 wasn’t all that bad to me. Sure, I didn’t travel as much as I would have liked, but I made it to Winnipeg and that’s a place I’d never been before. And sure I’m still in the same Worthless Job I’ve been in for so long, but at least I continue to abhor it and don’t simply accept the world as it is. So, I’ve got that…

Plus, this is the year I finished Adventure Dennis. Perhaps it isn’t something that should have taken five years to finish, sure, but at least it is done. I have way too many ideas in my head. I start something, then lose focus and lose interest and start something else. It means a lot to me when I actually finish a project and can finally put it behind me and have a little bit more room in my head for all the other things I must focus on. Let’s see if I can’t finish a few projects this coming year as well.

Yeah, this is also the year I was nearly done a book and lost it all when my computer died, but I’ll focus on Adventure Dennis for now.

PDR Update

It has been some time since last time so this time I’ll take the time to… uh… post.

Anyway, I’m like really close to finishing Adventure Dennis. Like really close. So all you fans who don’t actually exist need not wait much longer.

In other news, I have not yet received any powers from aliens or wizards or the Secret Government. So… That’s about all I have to say.

Batman Comics.

Sometimes I feel like I am bad at being a comics reader because I don’t read enough Batman. I mean sure, I loved the Batman Animated Series and I have enjoyed probably more Batman movies than I haven’t. Oh, and the Adam West Batman Show is right up my alley as well, but as for comics I had read pitifully little.

Well this week, I got Batman: False Faces a collection of Batman Stories and Batman-related Stories by Brian K. Vaughan author of such wonderful comics as Runaways, Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina. These Batman tales were found by me to be perfectly adequate. I guess I’ll throw them a Three and a Half Out Of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. Nothing epically amazing. I did like that every story in the collection dealt with Batman villains I was familiar with but who is not one of the really big names among Batman villains. Batman really does have a great collection of villains, doesn’t he?

In other news, I managed to get another Adventure Dennis Level done since my last post and I am currently working on the Last Level! Hooray.

Tonight I Dined On Turtle Movie

I just finished watching Turtles Forever. I am very pleased that that movie exists. I’m all like OMG Technodrome! OMG Krang! OMG BEBOP!!!!!!! This movie made my day, for sure. Sure, some of the voices were not perfect, but OMG BEBOP!!!!!!! Five out of Six Pieces of PDR Reviewing System Cake.


Bebop is totally cool.
I love you Bebop.

In other, non-Bebop-related news, I got myself a pig-flu vaccine on Tuesday. So I am now immune to the pig flu, probably. This is practically a super power, practically. Go me.

And even with that super power, now I gotta go to work. Lame.