Zombie Nation

Some time ago, half a year, a year, I don’t know, I watched a movie called Zombie Nation. Now I have watched many zombie movies in my day (mostly because I don’t learn my lesson) and this here was among the worst. Just not a good movie.

But this evening I have discovered that there was another product called Zombie Nation even before this. The Nintendo game called Zombie Nation is a thing of beauty. In this game the player is the severed head of a samurai warrior who comes to America to fight off Darc Seed, an alien who has conquered the land using magnetic rays that made the populace into helpless zombies. Oh and he brought the Statue of Liberty to life to “Do his dirty work.”

The first level alone had me destroying New York for no real reason and fending off helicopters and zeppelins.

So now I have to detest the Zombie Nation even more because, thanks to it, we will probably never see an adaption of this awesome game on the big screen where it belongs.

Seinfeld is Coming and so is Futurama

Apparently, according to the newspaper like five days ago, Jerry Seinfeld will be coming here in Halifax to play a charity gig thing. I would be totally into seeing that, but the article said that tickets would mostly be made available to people who help support the QE II hospital here in the city. Now, naturally, I look upon all charity as a form of weakness and a waste of resources, so I am totally not gonna get those tickets. Oh well.


What’s the deal with toast?
Who saw bread and thought “add heat.”
Effing retarded.

Also, next week we get the new Futurama movie. This is a good thing that will make the world a better place. A review I read in the paper said that the movie was less a movie than a long episode, but I am totally okay with that.

I do wish that so many things in this post weren’t information gained from the newspaper I work at, but what can you do? And oddly enough, I like toast far, far more than regular bread. But that’s how the haiku came out. What do you want from me?

Catching Up

I finished my trial of the Online Star Wars. I enjoyed it such that if it were free I would keep playing, but I ain’t gonna pay.

If I had arisen from bed in time today I would have gone grocery shopping, but I didn’t. I rarely go “grocery shopping” for real, instead opting to just buy enough for the one meal at hand. But today I would have gone and bought a bunch of stuff. It’s a moot point now though. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. But then it’s also a possibility I will be eaten by a giant wolf, so who knows? The future is so unpredictable.

I realized yesterday that I have forgotten the rules to Heads Up Seven Up. My entire education has been wasted.

Apart from this, I haven’t got a whole lot going on to speak about. I’ll be at work an hour and a half from now and I’ll think of something cool to say and then about twelve hours from now I’ll be home and will have forgotten it. That is all.


Okay, it’s not really so much a snow storm as it is some snow, but I thought it best to continue the weather themed titles. But anyway, we got snow and I don’t want it there. But I’m not too upset about it yet. I mean we barely got snow last winter, so my tolerance is a little higher. But give it time. And for the record, that hurricane last week turned out to be a bit of a wuss, really. I guess some places lost power for a few hours and some more rural ones for a day or more, but the PDR went no longer than ten minutes without it. Granted it cut out when I was a minute away from the end of the movie I was watching, but that’s just a minor annoyance.

Anyway, in other news I have been playing a free trial for Star Wars Galaxies. It’s got some major flaws, but I have been able to say “omgstarwarz lol” on four different planets now, which amuses me. What doesn’t amuse me is having a character (a Jedi no less) trapped behind knee-high barriers that he cannot jump over and between openings that look larger than him, but he cannot walk through. I ended up just making another character and joining the Empire.

And before I go I want to I want to mention this so I don’t forget it. I was hanging with Kip the other day and mentioned that I had hit myself in the face with ice cream last week. He asked if anyone had been around to see it and I said that Marq was sitting next to me, but watching the television, so he didn’t see it. Kip then pointed out, and I don’t remember his exact words but something like “When I lived with you, I always kept one eye on you, because I knew you were always seconds away from doing something stupid”. That makes me happy for some reason.


So there’s a big storm totally happening to Halifax right now. I’m not certain whether it is still classified as a hurricane or not, but I thought I’d take a wander out in it to see how it was. Not too great. Much colder than I like my hurricanes to be. I remember the last big one we got totally being enjoyable to be out in. I also remember having a social life in those days. Kinda sad.


Come, oh hurricane!
Come and blow your mighty wind.
Wind so strong. It blows.

In other news, I have taken Monday night off for no reason other than having a day off. It’s gonna be sweet, I assume.