Oh Sweet Internets…

Since last weekend I have been without my computer. I’ve gone that long without the Internet, but with no computer at all, it was killing me. And the fear that I had lost everything on my hard drive (which includes all manner of music/pictures/tv shows and things I’ve written dating back at least as far as ten years) made me even more upset. I’m an empty, lonely man and having no computer only made that worse.

What had happened was the mouse locked up while I was playing Counterstrike with Kip. I tried rebooting it to get it working again and it just never came back on. It would come up with a black screen with that little flashing dash where you’re supposed to type, but could not type or do anything. But when it was taken in to be looked at it came up fine for them and now as I try it again here and I haven’t lost my files. I guess that means there was nothing wrong with it beyond “It wasn’t working for a while and now it’s better.” Awesomeness. This makes me happy. I think maybe I’ll start backing stuff up on CDs maybe.

That said, I didn’t miss anything much, it would seem. Two emails and one MSN message. And 38 spam comments on this site. But still, I feel better knowing that.

In other news, tomorrow I shall be getting the last signature needed for my passport application. Soon the PDR shall be spreading his self all over the globe!

I guess that is enough for tonight. I am going to re-enter myself into the World’s Widest Web.

Friday, Bloody Friday

I’m using “bloody” in the “Oh, bloody ‘ell another week is over” sense, but I am confident that something, somewhere in this world is happening that makes today worthy of the other sense of “bloody” as well.

So, why the chunks do so many spam robots attack my humble Book of PDR? It isn’t as though I get millions of readers that they could spread their advertising too. Robots are an idiot.

In other news, I am in the process of getting my passport (a Canadian one, since the nation of PDR has yet to be recognized by other nations). With it, I will be able to travel the world and all that. It’s gonna be sweet.


Deathrace 2000.
It deserves much more respect.
A classic movie.

Speaking of film, there’s this movie coming out sometime called Across the Universe, which is this romantic musical that at first I would think I would be entirely against, but the music is all Beatles stuff and the trailer makes it look like such a visual festival of craziness that I admit I am intrigued. Times like this I wish I knew women.

What kind of name is Crebo?

At least four days this week I found myself thinking of things I wanted to write here when I got home, but then when I get home, I just don’t feel like doing it any more. What a loser I am.

Now I could try to salvage the things I would have talked about on those days, but it wouldn’t be the same, so instead, here’s a story ’bout Crebo.

Crebo shot a man and ran away. The man didn’t die, because Crebo had shot him in the foot. Also, Crebo had shot him with a pea shooter. Nonetheless Crebo ran until he couldn’t run any more. Then he fell in a ditch. In this ditch, Crebo found a stick of dynamite. Crebo decided to take up smoking and start with that smoking that dynamite. Luckily for Crebo he did not have a lighter. Unfortunately for Crebo, he did have a grenade. He tried to use the grenade to light the dynamite. This did not work, but Crebo was badly wounded. Fortunately the man who Crebo had not killed made it to the ditch while there was still lots of time to call for an ambulance. Unfortunately the man did not look in the ditch and thus did not see Crebo and so did not call an ambulance. Crebo died, but fortunately he left all his money to medical research. Unfortunately Crebo didn’t actually have any money. The end.

Oh those Golden Grahams.

Golden Grahams cereal. I like it, but it has vanished entirely from the sphere of my ken. It has not ever been at the Superstore I live above, but it was always at the Sobeys five minutes away. When I had a bad enough urge, I could find Golden Grahams with minimal effort. That has changed. When Marq and I made a trip to that Sobeys yesterday they had no Golden Grahams. The world is doomed. I must remember to do some actual research and make sure that particular cereal does indeed still exist.

On a similar thought, why are conspiracy theories always out to get me? Why aren’t more conspirators using their massive influence for my benefit? It’s thoughtless of them.


That is when I want money.
For I am a thief.

I had a long night at work and am about to not get very much sleep. On the plus side, I’m listening to Spinal Tap. So I’m doing something right.

Got A T-Shirt.

After something akin to a late-evening power nap, I heard rain and decided Patrick D Ryall had to go for a walk downtown, since that’s something he generally doesn’t do any more.

While I was there I was approached by members of a metal band with the respectable name of Knifehammer. Apparently they are playing a show tonight and handing out t-shirts in preparation of this. They told me where the show was and handed me a shirt. It was all cool. Then I went into Shoppers, bought a chocolate milk and forgot where they were playing.

I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway, what with being a reclusive loser, but it can’t be a good thing that I can forget that quickly.

But thanks to them, wherever they are, for coming all the way from Ontario exclusively to give PDR a t-shirt.