Three Damn Digits.

For the record, I did get in touch with the bank and it turns out I gave the internet server wizards the wrong three digit security code and that’s why it isn’t working. And since the three digit code is on the card itself I have to get it off that and not the monthly statement things I got the number off. And that means I have to find the card, which I left in my room at some point to keep myself from using it offline.

For those not aware, my room is a reflection of my soul. When I am extremely happy, it gets cleaner. When I’m not, it becomes a mess. I have not had a clean room since I was twenty or twenty-one. And these days, it’s a damn mess.

Now I’ll point out that on my previous Visa, the three digits were easy to remember: 505. That’s a favorite number of mine, because it scares crows (I like crows, but still…). But they (Visa/Royal Bank) called me one time about upgrading my card to a different plan where I get double points or whatever. I usually go along with them on stuff like this because I genuinely don’t care and I figure they’re probably rewarded for every person they talk into crap like this. Anyhow, I wasn’t aware I would be issued a new damn card because of this. Thanks to this, I’ve lost weeks of having an email because I don’t have my 505. The shame of it all.

I guess I’ll try to find the card tomorrow and call them up again on Monday.

Sigh. I wish I had an actual life to talk about on here…

Banks Hate Me.

As I check out my groceries, I occasionally note that there is a “Pregnancy for Dummies” booklet next to the cash. I am not convinced we should be letting Dummies get pregnant. They’re likely to only produce dumb offspring. Right?

Anyhow, in the ongoing story of being unable to pay for Contains2, I got a letter from the Royal Bank’s security department yesterday saying I should call them. I tried four times today and it was busy each time. Go figure.

Apart from that, not much to say. So I will simply say “Volcano Rabbits Exist” and leave it at that.

Movie Viewed.

Today is the one where Kip and I saw Pan’s Labrynth. I recommend it, even though it had no David Bowie in it.

I am 100% certain that I am the first person on the Internet to make a Bowie reference with relation to Pan’s Labrynth. One. Hundred. Percent. I am so sure that I’m not even going to check all the rest of the Internet to be sure. I just know.


Ewoks are coming.
They intend to overthrow.
Our reign is over.

For the record, I got into the bank the other day and they found nothing wrong with my account. I’m going to have to get in touch with the credit card people or something. I don’t know…

Who Is Your Daddy?

A month or so ago I had a dream about finding out I was going to be a father. My most recent dream was a variation on that. Much stranger. During the course of the dream I didn’t meet the woman who was carrying my child, but I knew her and knew she had been a nun or something. And while that was strange enough, things got stranger. Within the dream I suddenly woke up in my grandmother’s home. She informed me that I’d been in a coma for almost two years. She introduced me to my little son, who I helped feed while my grandmother filled me in on what had been happening. It seems I was an early casualty of a disease that “spread across the land” putting people to sleep. And though my grandmother didn’t mention it I got the distinct impression the disease had a high fatality rate and that humanity was not too worried about overpopulation anymore. My grandmother did mention, however, that in a lot of cases (but not mine apparently) the disease caused the victim’s skin color to change. My grandmother went to the television to put a tape on that would have told me what I had missed (she was still being cryptic) but that was when I woke up. I’m certain that tape would have told me the world was on the verge of the apocalypse, but I had to wake up and miss it… Oh well…

In other news, I tried calling the bank yesterday, but I guess the number they tried calling me from doesn’t work with incoming calls… I work early today but tomorrow perhaps I shall drop into the bank in person, and see if they know what’s up.

It’s been far too long since I’ve had email and, while I doubt anyone has tried to reach me, I still feel like I’m supposed to be checking this stuff.

Insurance Lobster Attacks!

A day or two ago Marq and I went to rent some movies and on the way back we saw this guy in a lobster costume. I feared it might be my arch-nemesis, so I was afraid, but it hugged Marq and went away. As it left we realized it was advertising some kind of insurance company. I would’ve thought it would be for something involving lobsters, but I guess not…

Also that day (or the next or the one before, I am not a doctor, I can’t remember everything) we were walking through the parking lot of our building. I, being awesome, decided to try to throw my keys at the door to see if they would open it. They did not, but instead landed on the ground in front of the door. As I bent down to pick them up, some guy opened the door and nearly hit me in my head. Both Marq and I had been thinking of variations on exactly that happening before it occured.

And I’m starting to think maybe the reason Contains2 is down has something to do with my credit card. I got a new one several months ago and I remember putting the new information into the account, but that doesn’t mean I did it right. But then the bank has also been trying to call me for a week or so, so maybe tomorrow I’ll call them back and see if there isn’t something dastardly afoot. Like a lobster attack. Oh crap. I wish I had lobster insurance.